Friday, May 20, 2011

1 Windows 10 Android Phone sold

Gartner released its estimates of sales of smartphones in the first quarter. It confirms the very start of laborious Windows phone that sell 10 times less than Android. Android (all versions) now controls 36% of the global market. A year ago, the little green robot was more modest at only 9.6% market share (market share).

The rise of Android was at the expense of Symbian (44.2% in 2010, 27.4% in 2011), RIM (19.7% in 2010, 12.9% in 2011) and Microsoft (6.8% in 2010, 3.6% in 2011). The only one who resisted the wave Android Apple: iPhone sales have doubled in just one year pushing up the pdm 15.3% to 16.8%.

If we can explain the fall of Symbian by Nokia and the hesitations of the RIM Blackberry lack of renewal, we are more worried about Microsoft. Windows 7 Phone is on the market since October and should have given a boost to sales of Microsoft. But it was nothing: he has sold 3.66 million smartphones running Windows in the first quarter of 2011, as against 4 million a year earlier.

Worse, it still sells more smartphones running Windows Mobile 6.5 that under WP7. The same Gartner predicts that Windows still exceed Phone iOS in 2015 thanks to the power of Nokia.

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