Friday, May 20, 2011

Sony promises that PlayStation Store on 24 May again online

In the aftermath of the large data-MCA, Sony really not a good image: the company turned again from the homepage of the Playstation Network, were shortcomings in the security software to light. Now is to follow a key step out of the crisis. After a plant the Japanese company, the Playstation Store on 24 May to re-open.

This is according to a preliminary report, the Sony presents its development partners. It is about a timetable for the publication of games and expansions. In addition, Sony brings to the residue of content: In the first, on 24 May commencement, Sony sells those games, originally on 26 April should appear.

Three days later, the manufacturer provides other titles. The next week begins the second phase in which 31 May and 3 June additional games available for download. Praiseworthy the report to further planning, it does not disclose whether and how Sony supports the development teams that met the failure of the network.

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