Friday, May 20, 2011

A Chinese rebels against the censorship of his country

A Chinese Intenaute entered Wuhan University, one of the most prestigious Chinese schools, to launch his shoes and an egg on Binxing Fang, the father of the great firewall that restricts the sites that are officially visiting surfers in this part of the world. Associated Press has confirmed that police had been called to the scene of the incident and an investigation was opened.

There is currently no video of the act on the Web, but a surfer by the name of Hanunyi on Twitter claims the attack. According to a translation of his tweets offered by AP, "the egg has missed the target (Fang Binxing, NLDR). The first shoe hit the target. The second shoe was caught by a man and a woman.

" He then fled the scene barefoot. Testimony on Twitter corroborate this story, according to The New York Times. Three hours after being shown on the Web, Hanunyi positive reactions was surprised that flourished on the Internet. He says he did not think "this little thing would cause such a response," according to his tweet translated by AP.

Messages praising the gesture Hanunyi sites were removed by moderators Chinese government, according to The New York Times. It will nevertheless be impossible to hide the bad feelings of the public to Mr. Fang. It is known to defend its firewall by comparing the Internet to a road. "Drivers just obey the rules.

Likewise, citizens should just play with what they have, "he said would post a translation of his remarks by AFP. This incident reinforces the general aversion to Mr. Fang. Last December, the architect of the firewall had enrolled in a Chinese microblogging site, sina. com. Within hours, the messages of disapproval flooded the service.

One of them called the "Fang brother" when he was dying, according to a translation by the China Internet Project located in Berkeley, California. Mr. Fang has since left the site. After the jet egg and shoes, he cut short his speech and took the plane to Beijing where he chairs the University of Posts and Telecommunications.

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