Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thunderbolt Windows 7, it works very badly

Apple has given some information about the management of Thunderbolt on the MacBook Pro and iMac 2011 with Windows 7, the operating system from Microsoft. And the least we can say is that there are many limitations. First, the use of devices Thunderbolt two unexpected effects: The ExpressCard slot is not usable in conjunction with Thunderbolt, it's one or the other, and it is impossible to go to sleep if Windows 7 a device is plugged.

Two annoying problems, especially for laptops. Then, device management is quite complicated: Windows 7 is not able to support hot plugging. It is therefore necessary to restart the devices are recognized. Similarly, a device "ejected" will not be recognized directly, it will restart. The only way to work with hot-plug is to be chained to devices, according to Apple, so at least one device recognized at the outset.

Finally, we note, but it's a minor problem, the method "Target Display" that lets you use an iMac as a screen 2011 is not compatible with Windows 7 Thunderbolt. Finish with a point: Apple only talks about Windows 7 because it is the only system officially supported by Boot Camp and Apple, but Windows Vista and Windows XP should support technology in the same way.

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