Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ericsson phone to 1 Gbit / s 4G

Ericsson, a pioneer of mobile telephony has just made an impressive demonstration of the capabilities of LTE Advanced, that is the real 4G (LTE "not advanced" for its part is the 3.9 g). Ericsson's engineers have achieved a throughput of almost 1 Gbit / s between a base station and a van in motion. Let us recall some comparison data: 3G caps typically 384 kbit / s, the 3G has now reached 21 Mbit / s in the cities lucky.

To 1 Gbit / s, Ericsson has nevertheless had to be placed under ideal conditions: the transmission band used a 60 MHz wide (three 20 MHz channels aggregated) and 8 channels of programming (8x8 MIMO). Remember that the auction for LTE networks which opened earlier this month offered to operators of the channels of 10 MHz or 5 MHz in the 800 MHz band (the one that operators use to cover most of the territory), for a total of 30 MHz.

With less available spectrum, the maximum flow rates are much lower. Ericsson thinks is ready to deploy LTE Advanced in 2013. LTE is already available in Sweden since December 2009.

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