Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gigabyte GTX 560 Ti SuperOverclock updated to revision 2.0

Update your graphics card Gigabyte GTX 560 SuperOverclock Ti, the main difference is its new cooling system which is now more effective. Unlike the previous model, revision 2.0 incorporates larger fan to achieve optimal air flow and send it to the heatsink, as result is lower temperatures and less noise generated.

It has speeds of 950MHz GPU, 1900 MHz CUDA cores, and 1002 MHz (4008 MHz effective) memory GDDR5. It also features 1 GB of memory with a memory interface 256-bit, producing approximately 128 GB / s of bandwidth. Gigabyte Ultra Durable technology uses VGA + to manufacture, making sure that the graph is total quality, besides memory chips has handpicked and Japanese-made capacitors.

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