Thursday, August 18, 2011

Windows 8: Microsoft confirms the App Store

The second note posted on the blog of Windows 8 is very informative. Steven Sinofsky, president of the Windows division at Microsoft, including counting the 35 teams from 25 to 40 developers working on Windows 8, each developing a new feature of the OS. Recessed this list makes it possible to confirm some rumors.

It notes in particular the presence of an App Store team: Windows 8 will have a truly integrated application store, such as IOS, Android, Windows Phone, or Mac OS X. There are also a Hyper-V team, giving credit to rumors of an integration of a client in Windows Hyper-V 8. The presence of a team XAML confirms the compatibility of Windows with Windows applications 8 7/Silverlight Phone.

Windows Online, finally, is probably related to the possibilities of online synchronization built into Windows 8.

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