Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wii and PSP redrawn by the end of the year

Meanwhile the Wii U and PS Vita, Nintendo and Sony are trying to capitalize on the current situation: PSP and Wii will be redesigned. Nintendo, the Wii "Family Edition" will be a Wii more compact and designed to be placed horizontally. Less cumbersome, it will come with a Wii Motion Plus (the modified model and more accurate) and two games: Wii Sports and Wii Party.

The console will be a priori less expensive, but will remove Nintendo Game Cube compatibility of the console: it read more of the old games console and connectors for the controllers of the ancestor will present a priori. Marketing is a limitation in the sense that the Wii really does not emulate the Game Cube: the processor and graphics card of the Nintendo console are just faster versions of those equipped the Game Cube (a PowerPC and ATi GPU).

No price announced. Sony is more surprising: the PSP E1000 will be offered at a very low price (100 €), but it will lose an important function, however: Wi-Fi Obviously, Sony has changed his tune: the PSP Go! was a console without UMD drive (used for games), but with the, ability to download games via Wi-Fi while the E1000 will offer a PSP UMD drive but no Wi-Fi In both cases, we deprive ourselves of part of the catalog: PSP Minis (games sold at low prices) and buy games on Sony's online store are a priori incompatible with this new model.

The multiplayer is not possible. But the price should appeal to players and the PSP Classic (version 3000) should continue to be offered in parallel with the entry-level model. In fact, we feel that the console manufacturers are excited: the new generation is expected in 2012 and the current consoles are made by cutting cruppers smartphones and portable media players.

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