Thursday, August 18, 2011

The new Sharp XV-Z17000 projector transmits 3D images in Full HD

The XV-Z17000 DLP projector casts of two-and three-dimensional movies in Blu-ray at the highest resolution on the screen. The contrast ratio according to the manufacturer of the device is 40,000:1 and brightness of 1,600 lumens. For depth perception requires the viewer an active shutter glasses that are synchronized with the device.

Two of these glasses are included with the Sharp XV-Z17000. In addition, the model has two HDMI 1.4 ports. The manufacturer specifies the noise level with extra-quiet 23 decibels, which is hardly likely to hear in the film look. The "color-management system" from Sharp will offer a variety of ways, the image best fit the available space.

The built-in projector is DLP technology from Texas Instruments. The images are generated with DLP projectors with a chip with tiny tilting mirrors, which pulse through an integrated circuit up to 5,000 times per second and thereby reflect the light.

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