Thursday, August 18, 2011

Apple will invest $ 1 billion in Sharp

MF Global FXA Securities, a Japanese company specializing in stock exchange, reports that Apple would invest one billion dollars in a new plant would manufacture Sharp LCD panels for Cupertino. The information was picked up by Reuters, but has not been confirmed by Apple and Sharp. According FXA, the investment would be looking to the Kameyama plant that manufactures, the report cited by Reuters, the screens of iPhone and iPad.

The action of the Japanese took 2% after the publication of the news. It must nevertheless take this information with a grain of salt. This is not the first time this kind of rumor surfaced. Last December, Apple and Sharp were also supposed to unite, but the rumors were finally denied. The idea of a significant investment in Sharp is still very plausible.

Apple has a history of investing considerable sums in the purchase of components it uses in its products, giving it a very attractive control on stocks and prices. For example, Apple is the biggest customer of Samsung, mainly because of the extraordinary commands in Flash memory. It is also a major buyer of NAND.

Apple is used to select a manufacturer of screen. In 2009, he chose the LG for $ 500 million. The firm is behind the latest Cinema Displays, slabs of iMac, iPhone and iPad. Cupertino does not only provided by LG, but it is by far the most important, the other used primarily for emergency exits in case of accident or natural disaster.

The father of the iPhone might also want to find another partner for its LCD panels. Indeed, the agreement with LG was far from optimal. The iPad iMac and have suffered problems with light leakage, discoloration or yellow stripes that had an impact on the image of the firm at the apple.

(See "LG screens are a problem on the iPad 2"). It might therefore seek to replace LG. Moreover, according to rumors reported by DigiTimes, Sharp is now the only one who can mass produce a slab 9.7 "with a resolution of 2048 x 1536, which would allow the marketing of a iPad 3 Retina. If this information is correct, Apple would have even more reason to invest in Sharp and increase its control over the production of slabs for the tablet.

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