Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nokia drops Symbian and N9 in North America

The head of the American arm of Nokia, Chris Weber, admitted in an interview that Nokia was going to abandon the sale of Symbian smartphones in the New World after the release of its first Windows phone and the company betting heavily on the operating system from Microsoft.

The phrase that we will retain this interview is the admission that "if we fail with Windows Phone, no matter what we do." Nokia admits that the American and Canadian market and it escapes him is all about Windows Phone. This means not only abandoning Symbian, but its feature phone (a cross between traditional phone and smartphone, Ed) and MeeGo.

In fact, the smartphone N9 shipping the operating system developed in partnership with Intel will not see the day in North America. Output in Europe is not assured, even if for now it is not yet completely ruled out. The terminal was, however, was warmly received when presented to press.

In short, Nokia is moving towards a North American catalog consisting solely of Windows smartphones Phone, and a European catalog that could be very close to that too. The news comes just after the publication of the ComScore study last month claiming that Microsoft's market share in the New World were down 35% year on year, despite the launch of Windows 7 Phone last year.

The study endpoints shipping the operating system accounted for 9% of the smartphone market a year ago, but they have plummeted to 5.8% in May. Microsoft hopes that Mango will reverse the trend. Nokia is still a gamble by betting everything on the operating system from Microsoft.

For the record, in February Nokia and Microsoft announced a partnership to commercialize Nokia Phone with Windows 7. Even then, many feared that abandoning MeeGo Nokia and Symbian. Symbian was already on a slippery slope in 2009 in favor of MeeGo (see "Nokia will abandon Symbian by 2012") and in April, the Finn is simply separated from the project.

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