Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Might and Magic - Heroes 6: The heroes are late

The "Heroes of Might and Magic" series has a long tradition: In 1995, she debuted on the PC. Since then, she is one of the constants in the games with fantasy content. Part 5, the most recent offshoot, was released in May 2006. This was followed by two extensions, but no word on how it goes. On the Gamescom 2010 Ubisoft finally gives information about the successor award.

The game is a prequel called: The story begins 500 years before the events of the fifth offshoot. A general of the Archangel involved Greifenherz Dynasty in a war, underestimated his sinister plan to wrest control of Ashan in itself, but the strength of the heroes. The developers promise the Black Hole typical blend of strategy and role-playing elements.

The virtual fantasy world you gather resources, build cities and recruit troops. Then you go into battle: On special battle cards in turn-based skirmishes prove your tactical skills. New is the reputation system: The decisions you make during the game beat down your reputation. Depending on which path you choose, the adventure has changed.

With an online mode Ubisoft wants to round out the package. You may then fight with Mac owners: The final decision on an appropriate version is still pending. Ubisoft confirmed that the game is not as planned on 6 September 2011, but less than a month later on 13 October in the commercial comes.

This is due to repair work. After the end of the beta phase were a lot of feedback about bugs and suggestions from the community, where the team is working yet.

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