Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gigabyte motherboards LGA1155 compatible Ivy Bridge and PCIe 3.0

Owners of a motherboard Gigabyte Intel 6 series to be happy: via a simple BIOS update to your card will be compatible with upcoming CPU and Ivy Bridge Controller PCI-Express 3.0 at the same time. Gigabyte ensures that its entire line to Intel 6 series - so the socket in 1155 - is concerned. Updating the BIOS can be downloaded today at the manufacturer's website.

Compatibility PCI-Express 3 will concern the course PCI-Express cable directly to the CPU (those dedicated to graphics cards), the remaining 6 series chipset it limited to PCI-Express 2.0. As a reminder, we expect the Ivy Bridge in April 2012.

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