Friday, June 10, 2011

Low Profile DDR3 Corsair Vengeance, high performance memories

Corsair has announced the launch of new DDR3 memory kits Vengeance Series low profile, called Corsair Vengeance LP. The Vengeance LP have reduced height sinks up just 26.25 millimeters, compared with other reports in the series Vengeance, which raised 47.37 mm, represent a very substantial reduction.

These memory modules are designed for high performance systems with oversized CPU coolers or systems with small form factor that can not use normal Vengeance modules with large heatsinks. Los Vengeance LP memory kits are available in several colors, including black, blue and white special edition.

As the original Vengeance, Vengeance LP's are designed to operate at 1.5V, making them ideal for use with second generation processors Intel Core. The special edition will run at an arctic white ultra low voltage of 1.35V to increase their ability to overclock. Los Vengeance LP memory kits will be available initially in the following configurations, and be compatible with all current platforms from both Intel and AMD.

These new memory kits will be available during the month of June through Corsair's authorized distributors.

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