Friday, June 10, 2011

Complete the development of new NVIDIA PhysX engine 3.0

NVIDIA has finally completed the long process of recoding the engine for the management of physics ingame Ageia PhysX acquired along with a little over 3 years ago. The result of all this culminated in the release of the PhysX SDK 3.0 by which the company shows a strong steering than proposed so far by following the path initiated by Ageia.

Change the approach, the performance changes, which improve significantly, and also change these environments with the ability to use PhysX with future mobile platforms such as tablet, smartphone and handheld consoles. The main new features of 3.0 PhysX are framed in a more efficient management of multithreading to derive more benefit from multicore processors, the ability to aggregate multiple actors in a group (Larger Levels) that can be managed as a single entity in terms of interaction with the environment and the availability of new developer tools (Flexible and Powerful Tools) as PhysX Visual Debugger, and more useful to accelerate the phases of software development.

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