Friday, June 10, 2011

4-port USB 3.0 Etron

EtronTech showed at Computex, a USB 3.0 controller can handle four ports, while the classical solutions are limited to one or two ports. The EJ168T will therefore succeed the EJ168, which is limited to two ports, and keep the compatibility xHCI 1.0. Recall that the standard xHCI is that used for interoperability between controllers and operating systems and models are compatible EtronTech xHCI 1.0 while the other models (NEC, etc..) Are compatible xHCI 0.96.

For the rest, the chip - in maps shown at Computex - interfaces to PCI-Express 1x, which may limit the performance for those who use multiple devices simultaneously: the bus indeed limits to 500 MB / s (PCI -Express 2.0) or 250 Mb / s (PCI-Express 1.1) while USB 3.0 can - in theory - to 500 MBps per connector.

In fact, unless you transfer data between multiple SSD USB 3.0, the limit should not be affected.

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