Friday, June 10, 2011

The Cloud can help reduce the piracy of music?

For instances U.S. official, the arrival of music services in the cloud "could ultimately contribute to significantly reduce piracy. The music industry she would rather favorably to the arrival of music services in the cloud? On paper, it is not obvious when these services let you store music from various sources, including illegal.

Besides the ease with which the music stored in the cloud and become easily accessible. Yet, with a vision and a trifle idealistic innocent, the American coordinator for the application of intellectual property, Victoria Espinel, interviewed by Reuters, said that "it is possible to build such a cloud services so they can be compromised, they could have the effect of reducing software piracy by offering more value to users - like the ability to acquire his music forever and access it from anywhere - advantages that can not be obtained with illegal copies.

" Remember that with his icloud announced Monday, Apple allows users to access from any device and anywhere music stored online. The main purpose is to abstain from having to go through a computer to play and store their music and not having to carry all his own library. This assumes, of course, have always connected devices.

The service is free as long as all files on the Cloud from iTunes. But for a $ 25 annual subscription, users may wish to include music from other sources, such as the one bought on another service, one converted by the user from his CD or even download files illegally. The $ 25 is donated largely to the publishers and producers of music, they have found a new source of revenue able to partially offset the losses from piracy.

The agreement reached between Apple and record companies should allow them to put pressure on other players (Amazon, Google, Microsoft) to reach similar compromises. But for Victoria Espinel, what matters most is that these legal remedies are increasing and are increasingly easy to access so that users find it easier and more profitable to purchase their music legally rather than hack.

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