Friday, June 24, 2011

LaCie CloudBox: hard drive and Online Backup

With CloudBox, LaCie is trying to provide a definitive answer to the problem of the backup. This hard drive offers indeed a function of automatic duplication of data assigned to a remote server in the "cloud". The CloudBox unfortunately offers only a limited capacity to 100 GB, both for its internal hard drive and storage space online.

Its interest lies principally in the automation of the process: no need to launch an application in the background on your computer or start thinking about yourself backup, Gigabit Ethernet CloudBox connected to your LAN does it all once a day. Online backups are encrypted before transmission via a 128-bit AES algorithm and unlike DropBox, for example, LaCie does not know your encryption key.

LaCie retains up to 10 successive copies of your data. The concept seems interesting.

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