Friday, June 24, 2011

LA Noire will arrive on PC in Autumn

It will be released in autumn, with enhanced graphics and 3D support, the PC version of LA Noire. The game, already available on Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles since May 20, has received positive reviews and Rockstar Games has confirmed this to port to PC. The conversion was entrusted to the subsidiary Rockstar Leeds.

We recall that LA Noire is an action-adventure game developed by Team Bondi and investigative Rockstar Games, which sees the player to interpret the role of Detective Cole Phelps in Los Angeles of the '40s. Developed by Rockstar Leeds and built to run on a wide range of PCs, LA Noire's robust customization features includes keyboard and gamepad remapping functionality to optimize and customize both performance and user experience.

Along with Increased loyalty and improved graphical enhancements, the PC version will feature 3D. Also it support for an even Greater sense of immersion and interaction. Originally developed by Team Bondi in Conjunction with Rockstar Games, LA Noire is a crime thriller set in Los Angeles post World War II.

For much, much more about LA Noire, visit and stay tuned for the PC version release date announcement.

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