Friday, June 24, 2011

GIGABYTE Announces Revision 3.1 to Support AMD FX

GigaByte announced a new review for motherboards GA-M52LT-D3P Association GA-M68MT-and GA-M68MT D3P-S2P to add support for new processors with socket AM3 +, the new AMD FX. The plates AM3 + Gigabyte already incorporate the new socket AM3 + with support for the next FX series processors from AMD, the industry's first consumer-oriented market with native 8-core AMD.

You also incorporates the new AM3 + 'Black Socket', providing support for the upcoming FX series AMD processors as well as backward compatibility with AMD Athlon Phenom II AM3 II family. AM3 + 'Black Socket' also provides greater efficiency and improved heat dissipation. Motherboards equipped with "Black Socket" are as follows.

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