Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Qualcomm Completes Purchase Atheros

In January, Qualcomm announced the acquisition of Atheros. The transaction is now complete, for $ 3.1 billion in shares. With this acquisition, Qualcomm is able to handle the majority of current communication technologies: 3G, Wi-Fi, CPL. Indeed, if Qualcomm is a company specialized in 3G, it does not yet have the skills to offer Wi-Fi chips, unlike Marvell or Broadcom, two competitors.

And in the world of the CPL, Qualcomm became the de facto leader: the majority of cases using Intellon chip, which was acquired by Atheros some time ago. In practice, it is especially interesting for a new division Snapdragon: SoC Qualcomm is already one of the most comprehensive - it includes CPU, GPU, GPS chip and 3G - and the addition of Wi-Fi should make it even more interesting.

This is important in the fight for integration into smartphones, especially since NVIDIA bought Icera. In practice, the first products based on Atheros technology, but Qualcomm should be marked out in the year 2012.

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