Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Google wants to introduce mobile phone payment system

The mobile payment system is to start on smart phones with the operating system "Android" run. The idea is that customers need to keep at the box office only her cell phone from a terminal, reports, among them "." In the pilot phase, Google will test the service in five U.S. cities.

Google relies on wireless technology, NFC (Near Field Communication) to communicate with the devices to each other at close range. It is in such access cards and now being used more frequently in credit cards. Several years ago, was planning including Nokia, NFC chips on a broad front to bring in cell phones, but the push failed.

NFC is now returning back as the basis for planned mobile payment systems. Currently, companies from different industries provide a race for this future market: banks, mobile provider, online payment systems, Google as a driving force behind Android - and reportedly also the great rival Apple.

While the iPhone maker has covered so far, the installation of NFC chips into the Nexus S is a clear signal. Since the Android smartphone operating system with the largest market share now, the Internet company has a strong position.

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