Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cloud App: develop your mobile applications on the Cloud

Brightcove Launches App Cloud, a service that allows you to easily create applications for smartphones and touch pads. Brightcove, far more famous for its platform video streaming over the Web, launches a platform for applications in the cloud. " This platform not only allows to create cross-platform mobile applications (IOS, Android) and WEB applications tactile, but also to ensure the management and evolution over time.

To create applications, developers use HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and the SDK "SDK Cloud App. This is a set of JavaScript libraries that provide access to internal features of devices (camera, GPS, etc..), Upload or submit dynamic content, create user experiences tactile automatically adapted to each device.

A feature of App Cloud is to provide both a model of development cross-platform (mobile + web) and a set of services in the cloud "that simplifies operational management of these everyday applications. Among these services in the cloud, there are connectors (to link the application to blogs, video and other CMS platforms), analytical tools (to monitor the number of facilities, airtime, usage, etc.

.) push services (for delivering contextual information based geolocation for example) and administration services (for managing the various programs and their different versions, models, updating content, etc.. ). Brightcove Cloud App is currently only available in "beta" with a limited number of registered users.

The product will be launched in final release this fall. Access to the platform is free for developers, payment of royalties is solely at the production launch of the application.

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