Wednesday, May 25, 2011

AMD announces the FirePro V5900 and V7900 cards professional

AMD announced the availability of new professional graphics cards and AMD FirePro V5900 V7900, solutions can offer much higher performance and exploit the technology AMD PowerTune for the direct control of the power of the GPU and GeometryBoost, which allows two graphics processing primitive each clock cycle, in addition to the multi-display support for AMD Eyefinity.

The cards are available now at retailers around the world at a suggested retail price of $ 999 for the model AMD FirePro V7900 and $ 699 for the AMD FirePro V5900. More details in the official press release. AMD FirePro professional graphics cards offer improved performance and outperform the competition by 100% - The professional graphics cards, AMD AMD FirePro ™ V5900 and FirePro ™ V7900 provide better productivity with technology Eyefinity AMD, AMD and PowerTune GeometryBoost -

AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced its new generation of professional graphics cards - AMD FirePro ™ V5900 and V7900 AMD FirePro ™ - offering twice the performance compared to competitive products in applications for professional markets.

Create for the fields of design, engineering, financial and medical, new technologies take advantage of AMD graphics cards PowerTune GeometryBoost in addition to the appreciation and support of AMD multi-display Eyefinity that improves the workflow and performance. "Today, AMD FirePro, the fastest graphics card line professionali2 further improves its performance with the introduction of AMD FirePro V5900 and V7900," said Rick Bergman, senior vice president and general manager of AMD.

With the introduction of AMD FirePro V7900, supporting up to four displays, and AMD FirePro V5900, which support a maximum of 3, engineers and designers have access to a large desktop environment from which to monitor a larger amount of data, work with multiple applications open and view more information at the same time, improve workflow and also to ensure improved productivity.

AMD Eyefinity is also easy to use and offers lower cost complessivo4, for example, within a three-display configuration. Improved performance through information technology and AMD PowerTune GeometryBoost This generation of products is AMD FirePro PowerTune featuring new technology. This technology leadership in power management, provides a direct control on using the power of the GPU.

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