Wednesday, May 25, 2011

OCZ Talos, a new family of enterprise SSD 6Gbps SAS interface

OCZ has announced the launch of the new series of SSD called Talos, a line of albums with Serial Interface Attacked SCSI (SAS) designed for enterprise applications that require ultra fast solutions and high-capacity NAND equipped with multicellular. Talos gives further strength to the OCZ storage industry, expanding the availability of technology VAC (Virtualized Controller Architecture), which owns OCZ.

"We are experiencing significant demand from our high capacity SAS-VCA." Said Ryan Peterson, CEO of OCZ. "The new series of SSD OCZ Talos provides the best combination of performance, capacity and reliability. Talos The series has been manufactured to meet the needs of most businesses that require storage units in this format, with maximum capacity at 6 Gbps SAS interface.

" To meet the expectations of all customers' needs, Talos SSDs are available in formats 3.5 "and 2.5" with capacities ranging from 200GB up to 960Gb. Talos The new family will be available soon through authorized distributors OCZ.

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