Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chrome on Windows OS

Citrix just released Citrix Receiver Chrome for OS that can take advantage of Windows at the same time as the operating system from Google. This makes it possible to transform an Chromebook in a thin client that can access the virtual office of his company. This is not a solution for individuals, but for large companies that use massive cloud and VDI solutions.

The Citrix Receiver Tech Preview is available on the Chrome Web Store. This is the first virtualization solution available on Chrome OS. Receiver does rely heavily on HTML 5 for its interface. Google says that VMware is also expected to propose solutions for the operating system, but no date has yet been announced.

As a reminder, Chrome is the new OS operating system for Google netbook. While it is possible to work offline, the platform relies heavily on the cloud and it is necessary to be connected to the Internet to take full advantage of its capabilities. It has the merit of being light, but initial tests agree that it is too limited to serve as a main engine.

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