Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New range of accessories for consoles SpeedLink

SpeedLink has announced its new range of accessories you want to make a difference in the Gamescom 2011. The next generation game console is best played using the best accessories with precise control and faster analog sticks that make a difference. The gamepad Microsoft Xbox 360 represents a pinnacle of ergonomics as to the location of their sticks.

Now thanks to SpeedLink, PS3 gamers can also enjoy what it feels like to play with optimal ergonomics in the position of the analog sticks. The Wireless Gamepad for PS3 XEOX carries the leadership style of the Xbox to PS3 gamers first. Uses a robust 2.4GHz wireless technology also gives you maximum freedom with respect to the console, in addition to turbo function to provide a tactical advantage.

This command is also compatible with PC. On the other hand, Strike FX-6 button layout remains the classic on the PS3 and combines the legendary accuracy STRIKE Series with Bluetooth technology that provides up to 10 feet of freedom without additional receiver. Their ultra-ergonomic grip, precise sticks, low weight and pressure sensitive buttons along with the turbo function provide maximum gaming comfort and total control, while the vibration function makes you believe you're really immersed in the game.

The integrated battery Li-Polymer offers up to 12 hours of continuous play and can be recharged easily via the console with a USB cable or docking station using the All in One SpeedLink QuadDock Speaking QuadDock Charging Station Charging System this is not only to recharge gamepads, controllers is also perfect for motion and navigation system Move.

No matter what your need to recharge your PS3 controller, the system makes it fast and reliable. It has two charging ports and two for PlayStation gamepads Move. No matter what your preferred platform, with Console Gaming Stereo Headset Xanthos see you immersed in the gaming world by providing gaming stereo sound sensational on PS3, Xbox 360 or PC.

The microphone provides the best sound reproduction to talk to your teammates (and has a control for muting the microphone or even raise and lower the volume). In addition, three-meter cable provides great freedom, while the pads provide maximum comfort, so you can concentarte on what matters most: the game.

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