Tuesday, August 16, 2011

AMD: Some details of the APU and Krishna Wichita

Some details about the APU Wichita and Krishna come to emerge on the canvas. Etched in 28 nm, both APU should take over from current Zacate and Ontario next year. These chips for up to 4 cores x86 Bobcat, a graphics chipset supports DirectX 11, a video decoder and a controller UVD3 Yuba responsible for I / O (SATA, USB2.0/3.0 and audio).

2 MB of L2 cache would also be integrated, while the turbo-Core would be in the game. The memory controller in turn accept the DDR3-1600. The future platform for Decca, the APU will adopt a new socket FT2, where Zacate and Ontario use a socket FT1. As for performance, we should finally expect a "bond" of 25% CPU side and more than 25% GPU side.

As usual "wait and see" ...

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