Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Counter-Strike - Global Offensive: Finally, details about the new CS!

"Counter-Strike" (CS) finally gets a sequel: "Counter-Strike - Global Initiative" (CSGO) appears in the spring of 2012 - twelve years after "CS" revolutionized the world of online action games. In addition to PC owners to play Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 gamers, the contemporary adaptation of cops and robbers.

A tribute to the classics: the most popular map de_dust is after a renovation there. In addition to new weapons, maps and characters Valve screwed on fresh game modes, a matchmaking system, rankings. "Counter-Strike" began in mid-1999 as a modification of "Half-Life" with a then novel team-based gameplay.

The title grew quickly because of his tactics right to a driver of eSports. Today is "CS" with 25 million copies sold, probably the most successful product from Valve. And it paved the way for Steam. Version 1.6 coupled the online action game in September 2003 to the download platform. So the day started very successful shop with millions of users of Valve "Counter-Strike" and ported to the Source engine spin "Counter-Strike - Source." In 2011 to include the most popular online action games.

Expensive action blockbusters such as "Call of Duty" - and "Battlefield" series today, but increased pupil Valves steal the show. With "CSGO" brings out the pioneer for retaliation ...

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