Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gaming powerhouse: GT780-series: MSI introduces luxury laptops

They have a red illuminated keyboard, an anti-reflective screen, a big sound system and two. Manufacturer MSI promises fastest Intel Core i7 processors ("Sandy Bridge") and up to 16 (GB) of memory. The Nvidia GeForce GTX 560M faltering in the high-tech fireworks display something - there are faster graphics cards on the market.

The prices are violent: up to 1,999 euros will cost the player's notebook. The entry makes the model with Intel's "Core i7 2630QM" (quad-core with two gigahertz clock speed), six GB and two 320-GB hard drives. The display measures 17.3 (43.9 inches measured diagonally) and is 1.920x1.080 pixels (full HD) dar.

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