Monday, June 13, 2011

Asus UX21: Sandisk SSD or SSD A-DATA?

Fun: Last week, we reported that A-DATA was selected by Asus to equip the UX21 with an SSD-based SandForce. However, SanDisk also announced equip the UX21 with SSD by a priori design house. In fact, SanDisk announced that it is the U100, the successor to the P4, which will be used in the UX21. This SSD SATA 6 Gbit / s is announced with speeds of 450 MB / s read and 340 MB / s write.

Sandisk announced a low power consumption, but does not indicate the number of IOPS that SSD can reach, the traditional weak point of the controllers of the firm. The fact that two manufacturers - with two different SSD - Announce equip the same machine is amazing, but not incomprehensible: Asus is a big company and work with two partners to the same component is a common practice in the industry.

AMD has obtained a license for example x86 in the early 80's because IBM did not want to work with one supplier for processors. It is just unusual to see manufacturers come brag to equip a unit when the latter not necessarily use the product in question.

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