Monday, June 13, 2011

G. Skill Introduces New SSD SATA3 and high-density DDR3

G. Skill has presented at the Computex 2011, the new additions to its portfolio: the Phoenix II Pro SSD SATA 3 interface 6Gbps SandForce chip based on SF-2281 and various kits of DDR3 performance with massive capacities. The 16GB memory kit's fastest Intel platform designed Z68/P67 G. Memories RipjawsX Skill DDR3 2300MHz CL9-11-6-28 (4x4Gb) 1.65V provide maximum speed and capacity so far for Sandy Bridge Intel platform.

Once again it is proof that the G series RipjawsX Skill is the best choice for enthusiasts and extreme overclockers. The 16GB memory kit faster AMD 990FX platform Memories G. Flare Skill DDR3 is already famous for being the best performance on platforms with AMD, since they were the only ones certified to 2000MHz.

G. Skill has continued to offer even better performance with the new AMD 990FX platform, with G. Flare Skill 2133 MHz CL9 with a capacity of 16Gb (4x4Gb). The big monster is the first time that G. Skill dares to present a kit of this memory capacity (12x4Gb), and G. Computex 2011 Skill has demonstrated its performance, making them operate at 2000MHz CL8 on a EVGA SR-2 with two Intel Xeon 1366 processors.

This dream machine is definitely the most powerful supercomputer available in the market. G. Skill also introduced at Computex 2011 about memory kits designed specifically for the Intel P55 platform (Trident G. Skill DDR3 2,400 MHz CL9-11-10-28 8GB (4GBx2) 1.65V) and DDR3 2200MHz CL9-11-9-28 12GB (4GBx3)).

The latest innovation in the SSD SATA 3: Phoenix II Pro SSD Based on the controller SandForce SF-2281, have a random write speed really amazing: up to 60,000 IOPS. The new Phoenix II SSD Pro will be available in capacities of 120 and 240 GB with a faster read / write up to 550 / 510Mb / s.

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