Monday, June 13, 2011

CPU Heatsink hybrid PCCooler

At Computex Taipei 2011 the famous Chinese brand PCCooler showed off a new heatsink for the CPU and features a design that works very original. We refer to the system OC3 W120, hybrid cooling solution that combines a tower air cooler with a waterblock liquid cooling system. The tower heatsink consists of an aluminum radiator and 5 nickel plated copper heatpipes, a 120mm fan in charge of dissipating the heat dissipation between the fins.

The water block is integrated to form a single structure from the outside. To avoid creating problems mounting the fittings were moved up and connected with the base body on the CPU with 4 channels (2 of 2 delivery and return) that cross perpendicularly dell'heatsink fins. The two systems can operate independently but obviously the most efficient cooling is obtained with a dual use.

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