Monday, June 13, 2011

Microsoft wants Android applications and iOS

Microsoft has released a version of the API mapping tool that facilitates the porting Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Phone to Windows 7. A Tool for Mapping API 4.2 iOS already exists. The avowed aim is to give developers who are familiar with competing platforms a way to get to more easily program for Windows Phone 7.

It takes an API known about Android or iOS and look what is the equivalent on the framework Silverlight /. NET. It is primarily a means to promote the porting of applications. This is the first time to our knowledge, a major publisher of mobile operating system out such a tool. The version for iOS arrived last April.

For Android that was published June 9 Microsoft compares the tool to a bilingual dictionary. However, beyond simply learning a new platform, the publisher also hopes to offer assistance to bring an application on Android or Windows iOS Phone 7. This is why Redmond has also launched a new service called App Guy.

He is an assistant that responds to questions from various developers who are "stuck" in their quest to carry. It also seeks to consolidate issues forums developers. API Mapping Tool will be updated this summer to support the new APIs available on Mango (Phone Windows 7.5). The Windows 7 Phone Marketplace, the equivalent of the App Store from Apple, includes 20 500 applications and saves nearly 7,000 certified developers, according to statistics from WP7 Applist.

Comparatively, there are over 425 000 applications in the App Store, according to figures presented by Apple at the last press conference. The Android Market contains nearly 300 000 applications, according to analysts who predict that research2guidance exceed the App Store August 2011. Microsoft's solution is different from Novell is known for MonoTouch, a development platform that allows you to write an application.

NET and compile it so it runs natively on iOS or Android (see ". Net to write an iPhone application and" Android applications in C #). Microsoft looks to him as to what the developers start on a blank page and use applications and iOS Android simply as a model.

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