Monday, June 13, 2011

HardZone launches its YouTube channel

HardZone already has its own channel on the popular Internet video website YouTube, where you will find the most interesting videos of the tests that we will publish on your web site Hardware HardZone Spanish. Beginning today that HardZone already on Youtube under the name HardZoneES so you can see and hear videos that we offer in our analysis or tutorials.

Due to technical problems could not be exclusively offering demonstration videos on the analysis of the mouse ROCCAT Kova Plus, so since today everything HardZone team. is hoped that this new initiative is to your liking as much as they are still our analysis, no more waiting we leave with our first video demonstration of Kova Roccat Plus.

Color change in the illumination of ROCCAT Kova [+]. Mode "breathing" of ROCCAT Kova [+].

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