Thursday, June 9, 2011

Digital Camera: Sony SLT-A35

Sony introduces a successor to the SLT models, and A33. The newcomer is called SLT-A35 and is home to the "APS-C HD Exmor" CMOS sensor. The latter allows effective from 16.2. The exposure time ranges from 1/4000th to 30 seconds - ideal for sports photography, so Sony. Thanks to Full HD support, take on video with 1920x1080 pixels.

The SLT-A35 stores the clips in AVCHD format. On the three-inch display your shots are directly viewable. Toll: The programmable control unit is suitable for up to 14 functions. Without flash creates a full battery charge up to 480 shots. The SLT-A35 takes 1.4-times zoom magnification up to seven images per second, the image resolution is only 8.4 megapixels.

With full-resolution (16.2 megapixels), it is still 5.5 frames per second. On board are seven effects, including "retro" and "Pop colors". Sony cameras with Transculent mirror technology have a partially transparent and fixed mirror. Located between the receiving sensor and lens. Up to 70 percent of the light take you directly to the receiving chip.

The rest is deflected and reaches the sensor, which is responsible for the auto focus and exposure. The mirror remains - in contrast to conventional SLR cameras - at his position. The advantage: you have to make more continuous shooting with continuous autofocus. Also creates the space saved (no folding mechanism) fewer parts and provides for more compact housing.

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