Thursday, June 9, 2011

Microsoft signed a tablet?

Microsoft plans to market a tablet to his name by the end of 2012. She embedded Windows 8 and would be designed in partnership with Texas Instruments and the Taiwanese OEMs. DigiTimes, which reports the rumors, citing sources familiar with the matter. Redmond declined to comment. That information is likely.

The market shelves is one segment that has allowed Apple to become the largest OEM in terms of semiconductor spending. In recent years, Microsoft has increasingly invested in marketing platforms. He had some very big hits, like the Xbox 360 and KINECTS or major failures with the Zune or Kin.

In addition, Microsoft has already admitted to work on a shelf. The Courier project was very well received by the press (see "Courier: Microsoft's Tablet") before being canceled. Given the success of the iPad and the influx of bars Android, it could decide to pull its weight to popularize Windows 8.

Microsoft will in any case impose significant constraints to manufacturers who will choose only the components present in a very specific list. He already has the necessary relationships with wholesalers and retailers of the world with versions of Windows box and mice, keyboards, webcams or consoles.

The marketing of a tablet would not be very difficult. The only problem, in our opinion, prevents Microsoft to engage fully in this activity and that puts an end to rumors is its relationships with OEMs. By marketing a tablet, it would compete with its partners, which is never good in terms of commercial relations.

Manufacturers have already expressed their dissatisfaction with the restrictive specifications imposed by Microsoft (see "Interface unveiled Windows 8). They might complain about the unfair advantage of the tablets of Redmond when they are forced to buy licenses to the editor. The problem is that today, OEMs have the choice not to release a tablet to focus on Android and Windows that is already far more popular on the slates that no operating system from Redmond.

Hypothetically, the firm of Steve Ballmer may be preparing its own shelf in case any of his partners decided not to release a convincing model. Nevertheless, we believe that the foremost laboratories Microsoft are working on hardware platforms that they offer to partners to facilitate their work and convince them to sell a Windows model.

We highly doubt that Microsoft could ruin relations with its OEM and give them a reason to abandon Windows in favor of Android 8.

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