Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rumor: Samsung wants to take Nokia

Nokia stands with his back to the wall: In the first quarter of 2011 the market share for smartphones broke from 38.8 percent to 24.3 percent. "Android" devices dominate the market, Apple is using his iPhone at eye level. In parallel it is with the stock price down, is currently the papers by Nokia are worth less than five euros and in 2000 the price was still at 60 €.

From this position, a mixture of current business value is at about 17 billion €. Samsung probably has as much money loose in the war chest to make an offer to purchase. Nokia however, would in such a case to help protect investors hope - which in turn is dependent on a resounding success of the new Nokia smartphones with the operating system "Windows Mobile 7".

However, time is running out, because at best this year is only a single Nokia device with the operating system on the market. The fall on the speculation so far from thin, "There is a rumor that we do not comment," the Korean company. Similarly, said a press spokeswoman for Nokia.

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