Thursday, June 9, 2011

AMD is investing in video conferencing

AMD has invested an undisclosed sum in Vivu, a company specializing in solutions for desktop videoconferencing. The money comes from the Merger Fund program to fund applications using Fusion architectures of the company comprising a CPU and a GPU on a single die. Information has been formalized by a statement from the manufacturer of processors.

"The investment in AMD Vivu allows us to create an environment where we can shape the future of video collaboration with bold new applications that can be improved by using technology from AMD," says Sudha Valluru , founder and PD G Vivu. The color is clearly announced. This investment will create applications for HD video conferencing platform optimized for green and red.

Last week's blog Vivu was already demonstrating a technology intended for systems certified AMD Vision Pro. These solutions are professionals and we can imagine that AMD will try to attract companies, a highly profitable market. Vivu has also developed a Skype plugin and manufacturer of processors may try to convince individuals to choose its processors by providing a way to optimize their conversation on the VoIP software.

Finally, the father of the K6 could try to convince manufacturers of televisions or platforms lounge with an all-in-one.

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