Thursday, June 9, 2011

Apple: Is the slow end for the iPod?

On the preliminary information presented to Apple. In addition to seeing many new features, there was also a small detail: The feature from which you access the music player is not iPod, but quite simply "music". This alone is no indication that Apple's iPod is no longer on the medium term is as a standalone device.

However, users found in the (is now available) information on the iPad 3 and a new iPhone - from an iPod is there not more talk. Ten years ago, Apple released the first iPod on the market and immediately became a bestseller. ; In the first quarter of 2011 at seven percent (compared to the fourth quarter of 2010) and in direct comparison with the first quarter of 2010 by 14 percent.

Reasons: First, market saturation in the classical music players is reached, on the other hand more and more Apple fans equal access to the iPhone, which indeed has full iPod functionality. Unlike the iPod the iPhone made huge gains. It's quite possible that Apple is thinking, given the current sales figures on a modified iPod strategy.

Industry sources speculate, for example, about that which is relatively bulky "iPod classic" made with hard drive this week from the program and to the still well-selling iPod touch to experience the other models, no further changes.

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