Thursday, May 26, 2011

GoToCloud: Cloud your private test at home

CSC offers companies to test solutions "Cloud" of the market, the time to demonstrate the feasibility of a private cloud in your own environment ... The "Cloud" ... guess that all companies should spend more or less imminent. But this move raises many questions and concerns. To help remove these barriers as much psychological as technical society CSC offers companies hesitant to conduct "proof of concept", ie in experiments testing to verify the feasibility of their project and address concerns Cloud suspends .

The offer "GoToCloud" is a complete service in several stages. As a first step, a step of training includes various workshops and practical demonstrations in order to understand the architecture of the proposed platform and tools that comprise it. In a second step, CSC assists teams now in the complete installation of the platform for dynamic management of the Data Center "virtualized".

In a third step, the customer can test in real situations the proposed solution and verify the feasibility of his project. "After this service, the customer has a clear vision of the possibilities of" private cloud "and steps to implement it in its production environment. GoToCloud is a bundled offer to 9500 €.

"Said Didier Lejeune, Managing Director CSC. Even if the goal is to offer futures POC (Proof of concept) for all solutions "Private Cloud" of the market, "GoToCloud" starts in the first time around Microsoft offerings that are among the most accomplished on time current. This platform for virtualized data center and dynamic course is based on the couple Windows 2008 R2 and R2 HyperV and on the System Center suite (complete with the general supervision tools, orchestration, administration of physical machines and virtual management of backups and cable, etc..) accompanied by the new dynamic portal "Virtual Machine Self-Service Portal.

This is the heart of the "Private Cloud" and embodies the transformation of the Data Center "service center" with its notions of internal billing. CSC can also extend the experience into a "Hybrid Cloud" by discovering business offers 365 or Microsoft Office Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

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