Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In 2012, the 3D glasses standard

Previously the user was limited when you buy a 3D TV glasses on the models of the manufacturer. The different types of transmission between the glasses and the TV made the exchange of models from different manufacturers used to be impossible. That should change now: With the initiative to the leading companies make the consumer market for 3D-enabled devices more manageable.

The agreement of the initiative involves different radio-and infrared-transmission protocols. They provide data transport between the glasses and organize player and the opening and closing of the glasses synchronized with the picture. From the TV or projector for home cinema via the PC-monitor technology to the cinema: All transmission types, ought to be compatible with a universal eye.

From September 2011 the initiative aims to transfer the license to manufacture the new glasses to interested companies. At the same time, the four companies working on their own models. As early as 2012, the first eyewear to be available after the new standard in the trade. The compatibility of the new 3D glasses with players of 2011 guarantees the manufacturer already.

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