Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Apple releases Lion Recovery Disk Wizard

Apple has released the Lion Recovery Disk wizard to clone the partition backup on an external Lion, such as an external hard drive or USB key. This is a solution to the problems that some users might experience after a hard drive failure or SSD, but this does not solve everything. To take advantage of this utility, it is imperative to have a machine running on Leo.

For the record, the new operating system creates a backup partition on which it is possible to start to reinstall the operating system or restore a Time Machine backup and carry out certain repairs of storage media. The problem is that in case of severe damage, it is impossible to boot from this partition that resides on the primary disk.

The new MacBook Air Mac Mini 2011 and 2011 have an EFI Lion to download automatically, but older machines are not so lucky. Those who have updated their system Snow Leopard can still download or redownload the installation file from the Mac App Store to create a USB key with a system image (see "a million Mac OS X 10.7 Lion in 24 hours ").

The problem is that if a consumer buys today an iMac or a MacBook Pro, for example, it is in a delicate situation. Indeed, it can not download Lion on the Mac App Store, because the machine is recorded as having been supplied with the operating system. It does not a compatible EFI can download the software automatically.

In case of hard drive failure, it can still go to an Apple Store to request a free USB drive containing the backup partition, but it's far from an optimal solution, especially for those without a center approved repair next door to them. The utility that Apple offers on its website yesterday solves this problem.

We regret all the same it does not contain the operating system, but simply a tool to restore a Time Machine copy or download, which can be binding if it is without Internet access or a connection that requires five hours to get the operating system. However, in doing so, Apple ensures that updates are automatically installed and it also encourages the creation of a Time Machine backup that avoids the problems of downloading.

Note that the utility can not copy the partition back to a DVD and requires a USB key or external hard drive, 1 GB, the contents of the partition in question asking 650 MB

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