Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Intel's Sandy Bridge at the end of 2011. Ivy Bridge in March 2012

The Sandy Bridge-E Intel's desktop products enthusiast to replace the current LGA 1366 will almost certainly by the end of 2011 as originally intended by the manufacturer. The problems were suggesting a possible delay, however, have not yet been completely resolved: Intel has chosen to use the cheaper versions of the chipset Patsburg (indicated by the suffixes A and B) with a smaller number of 6 SATA ports Gb / s PCI Express 3.0 support missing to leave top model Patsburg D-2012.

A slide on the roadmap for Intel desktop platforms, published by Donanimhaber site, reveals what will be the first three Sandy Bridge CPU socket LGA2011-E: the Core i7-3960X six-core, Core i7-3930K Six-Core and the Core i7-3820 quad-core, all coming in the fourth quarter of 2011. These models will be available on the market until the second quarter of 2012 when Intel replaces them with new versions faster and probably be releasing the "D" version of the chipset Patsburg.

In the roadmap, Intel has added also a badge of Ivy Bridge, successor to the socket LGA1155 platform, Sandy Bridge built with 22 nm manufacturing process. The arrival is between the months of March and April 2012, denying rumors that they wanted to date available in early 2012.

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