Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Samsung BD-C5900: 3-D Blu-ray Player

To view 3D movies, you need not only a 3D-player of course also a 3D-capable, including appropriate 3D glasses. Was to test the Samsung BD-C5900 with 130 inches of screen size to use course you can also use the C5900 with any normal flat screen TV in 2D mode. Because the supply of 3D movies is lean yet (August 2010), were used except for two 3D animated films for testing, two demo discs.

With the Blu-ray playback via the HDMI output showed only minimal blurring. The visual inspection, the figures rose significantly from the background, and in some passages was indeed the impression that individual objects would stand out from the TV. The 3D effects in "Monsters vs. Aliens seemed "almost as spectacular as in the cinema.

Blocking, ghosting or stuttering did not occur. The sound was both analog as well as balanced audio outputs, and of course, was not it Tonfehler in the audible range. The Samsung C5900 BC plays in addition to Blu-ray and music CDs as well as the most important multimedia files (JPEG, DivX and MKW videos) from media burned off.

The photo display is very slow. The player has a USB port you can connect as an external hard drive. Even with four-millimeter-long scratches came the DVD playback will not be hampered. Is the Samsung device connected via a LAN connection to the Internet, you can use your TV to date content like news, videos, and access.

Also, you can connect the Blu-ray player to your home network, so as to play multimedia files from hard drives or network computers. Simple: After switching on, a wizard helps to important settings, luminous buttons make the remote control. By inserting a Blu-ray disc to play the player can pass about ten seconds - that is comparatively fast.

The start time of the standby lasts 21 seconds but rather long. Special bonus of this model: the low operating volume. The Samsung BD-C5900 offers a great 3D experience and is now a very good value for money (August 2011). Even if no 3D-TV in the living room, the device is a good choice.

The 3D Blu-ray player offers many useful functions and is now considerably cheaper than at the time of its introduction. With it, you are ready for the future of 3D. Tip: If you want to experience the best 3D rendering should be the screen size of the 3D-TV's setup menu to adjust the player.

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