Monday, July 18, 2011

Revealed the speed of new processors from AMD FX

Through the website we have known DonanimHaber speeds of the new FX series processors from AMD (Bulldozer), which is scheduled to hit the market in September this year. Some days ago that many websites are publishing model numbers and even the possible prices of the next generation of AMD processors, but the speeds of these processors were still a mystery.

But now, thanks to DonanimHaber, have already leaked these clock speeds. The FX series is AMD 8-core processors (FX-81XX series), 6 cores (FX-61xx series) and 4 nuclei (FX-4XX series), probably built with a core disabled Zambezi and modules.

That is, an FX-61xx possibly as an FX-81XX but with two cores disabled. Most of these processors (not all) come with the unlocked multiplier, making overclocking a breeze. All work with socket AM3 +, and have 8MB of L3 cache and 2MB of L2 cache per module. Come and see the speeds. Leading the pack is the FX-8150 running at 3.6 GHz with a speed of 4.2GHz Turbocor, an increase of 600Mhz.

Next, the FX-8120 with an increase of almost one GHz, since its base is 3.1Ghz and the TurboCore is set to 4Ghz. This will be available in 95W and 125W variants of TDP.

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