Monday, July 18, 2011

HTC's Android could be banned after the victory of Apple

Last Friday, the U.S. international trade commission ruled that the smartphones HTC violated two patents from Apple regarding the processing of multimedia content and processing of information from an email. Florian Mueller, an analyst for the blog FOSS Patents believes that both technologies have their roots in the operating system from Google and not from HTC codes, which could be very damaging to the editor.

The manufacturer obviously has appealed this decision and a special commission will decide Dec. 6, 2011. If Taiwan is convicted, he could be banned from exporting its terminals in the U.S. market. This is a decision that surprised, because Apple was the underdog from one of the advisors of the ITC issued a negative opinion against the firm at the apple (see "A symbolic victory for Nokia against Apple ").

The case decided Friday was for violation of ten patents that has been the subject of a complaint filed in March 2010. HTC's answer was not long in coming. He "will vigorously fight the remaining two patents by appealing to the commissioners of the ITC will complete their final decision." The manufacturer then tried to downplay the importance of this decision by saying that it is "just one step among many in the legal process." However, the issues of this case are enormous, because it is sufficient that HTC is convicted of violating only one of the two patents be denied the sale of its terminals in the United States.

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