Monday, July 18, 2011

The end of Windows XP in 1000 days

In about 1000 days (995 today), Windows XP will no longer be supported by Microsoft. The venerable OS, released in October 2001, should have had its day in 2011, but it is nevertheless still used on 45% of Internet-connected computers. And it's April 8, 2014 which is the date (announced) of his death.

There are many reasons, among a Vista arrived very late as his successor and has not convinced and maintenance by Microsoft on netbooks until 2010, yet the system showing its age. Indeed, the system causes problems with many current technologies. On the graphics, Windows XP only supports DirectX 9 (it is at version 11) and does not support video decompression engines that require DXVA 2.0 (and Vista at least).

With SSD and hard drives recently, Windows XP does not support GUID (and therefore limited to 2.2 TB), does not support the TRIM and raises performance issues with devices that use the 4 kB sectors. Finally, the 64-bit system is improved and based on Windows NT 5.2, aka Windows Server 2003.

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