Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Qualcomm launches Android benchmark

Qualcomm, the company at the base of SoC Snapdraghon used in many smartphones, provides software that will be of interest to geeks and those who want to know if their unit is performing. Indeed, Vellamo is a benchmark suite for Android smartphones (minimum 2.0). Vellamo consists of 11 tests. The first two test performance in HTML5, with moving objects.

The following adds the javascript to HTML5, there is also a speed test on the treatment of pixels, three tests javascript - which Sun Spider and another based on the V8 engine Google - and three tests to verify the performance of the user interface. The first checks the performance when you scroll through images, the second page starts a graphically busy and the last performance checking with text.

Finally, a speed test on the communication part, including the speed of the network interface is also in the game. Note that if the test works on any smartphone Android 2.0 at least a dual core model and if possible with NEON SIMD instructions is recommended that ... The application is available on the Android Market.

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