Tuesday, July 19, 2011

LCD-TV with a narrow frame: Samsung UE32D6500

The 81-inch wide screen (32 inches) of UE32D6500 Samsung is equipped with LED technology, the LEDs sit on the screen edges (Edge LED). Which the display is 1920x1080. Samsung is the refresh rate as so-called "Clear Motion Rate" with 400 Hertz, which is calculated based on intermediate images only "real" 100 hertz is.

In the case of receiver stuck / -C/-S, the latter two also receive HD programming. A cable tuner is of course one of the party. (Not included) with shutter glasses, the viewer can see on the Samsung films in 3D. Experience shows that it looks better in 3D leaked material than TV shows, which bring the television from 2D to 3D umrechnet.Über a network jack or the built-in wireless receiver for Internet applications on the screen.

With the built-in browser you can surf to any website and it not only selected content. Via USB socket out videos, pictures and music from USB flash drive can play on your TV. They also draw on the female TV shows on an external hard drive. The Samsung UE32D6500 (producer price € 999, commercially available) differs from the more expensive models of the D7090 and D8090 series in the main by the refresh rate - it offers "only" real 100 instead of 200 hertz.

The effect on image quality are likely to hold in practice very limited. Who wants something to save money, can confidently rely on cheaper D6500.

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